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Stay hydrated and show off your love of yarn with laser-engraved drinkware. The elegant 40oz rainbow anodized steel Knit Tumbler is our signature item. For a fun and quirky gift, check out our line of flasks for yarn lovers, too.

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no-sew leatherette

project tags

Our no-sew project tags come in various colors and materials. They're perfect for adding a bit of flair to your finished goods or personalizing gifts. They're super easy to install, so you can change your tag to match your mood.

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pieces of flair

enamel pins

Hard enamel, soft enamel, eco-friendly recycled brass... we have a range of enamel pins for yarn fiends! These collectible pins make adorable adornments for project bags, backpacks, or your favorite jacket.

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closed ring or removable

stitch markers

Seasonal, quirky stitch markers, made out of precision-cut acrylic and assembled by hand.

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bright and shiny


Engraved acrylic buttons in a variety of sizes provide the right finishing touch for your projects.

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wood, leather, acrylic

custom laserwork

We love custom projects and collaborations! Whether you're looking for a one-of-a-kind gift, branded merchandise for your store, or have an idea for interesting buttons or stitch markers, we can help! Previous projects include:

  • branded lay-flats
  • stitch markers
  • engraved leather purse straps
  • charcuterie boards/trays
  • branded project tags and patches
  • customized tumblers
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